Tanya Dmitrieva
entrepreneur , feminist, sex-educator
  • I believe in freedom, pleasure, feminism and self-responsibility
  • I help people to relax, enjoy and discover their body and sexuality
  • I offer new body experiences to get deep connection with the inner world
  • I create safe and warm sex-positive spaces
  • I launch edutainment start-ups
  • I am qualified sex-therapist
Kinky Corporation / Askesa Me / deep guide
My experience

  • 8 years of marriage
  • 17 years in relationship
  • 18 years of active sexual life
  • 10 years of building sex culture in Russia
  • 3 years of practice as sex-therapist

I am developing sex culture in the world for the last 10 years. More than 425 events in sexual edutainment were organised by me and my team - festivals, lectures, workshops, parties, markets, burlesque-shows, streamings etc
Co-founder of a number of projects:
How society impact our sexual relationships?
TEDx, 2018 (in Russian)
What is Sexual Intelligence?
Pecha Kucha, 2020 (in Russian)
Contact me
I am always open to new opportunities, collaborations and interesting projects
2023 / Tanya Dmitrieva